A Promise When I leave Her…

Grieve me not too hard my love,

I’m right here at your side

Waiting at that dreamy place I know

In-Between here and the other side.

What an amazing ride we’ve had

A love so rare few find

It’s hard to watch your tears, my love

In-between here and the other side.

I’ll be the breeze that flutters the blinds

Those moving lights just off to the side

When the power goes off and on, my love

You’ll know it’s me in-between here and the other side.

I’ll be the dish that flies from the cupboard

And the water that flashes hot then cold.

You’ll know there’s nothing to fear, my love

It’s only me again in-between here and the other side.

I’ll be the whisper you hear in the dark at night

The fluttering across your cheek

The electric phantom kisses you feel, my love

Are from me in-between here and the other side.

Look for the butterflies in the garden

The numbers on all clocks

You are not alone, I’m here-but not, my love

Waiting in that place in-between here and the other side.

With all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now, and my health being what it is…

I’d rather have something written for Sandy while I feel good and well truthfully, I can.

I hope you are all staying sane and healthy!


Oh Dear God

Site is under construction. I changed my theme and like a dumbass I lost my content…Thanks for your patience!

Down below is a picture of my sweet Missy America to hold you over! Although truthfully, she would bite your face off for any perceived slight. LOL She crossed the rainbow bridge last year at the ripe old age of sixteen. I still see her around the house, curled up on my feet, and hear her nails on the kitchen floor.

But – that’s impossible, isn’t it?

Not if you’re me.

AND yes, I know the picture is 10 years old…   JC , I blinked and that was all she wrote for how incredibly fast time has passed. I posted it because both Missy and I were in our prime…  LOL

What a dumbass – no instructions for me – I know how to do this!

The books tab is working – the most important.
So does the blog and other fun stuff which currently has 2 messed up invalid pages that I have to figure out…

Situation Normal AFU

Women and Words

Good morning!

Earlier this morning, I had written Andi to apologize for missing last month (and I’m sorry to YOU too) and make an excuse for how I’m not well enough to write this one.  I couldn’t just pop on here and pretend everything is ok with me.  I’m beyond tired and frustrated and with a new turn of events, exhausted. I couldn’t do it.

Until I thought more about it.  Maybe – just maybe – if I’m willing to share – someone else will know they’re not alone.  Maybe – just maybe – if things are not all perfect in Vonnie Land, maybe some one else will at the very least be reminded – it’s ok to not be ok? And even a couple with nearly 20 years together – have fights.


Throughout this whole farce, fiasco, um… pandemic – I’ve been off. That doom and gloom ‘something is…

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February (was) Women in Horror Month

Women and Words

OR: Late to the Party Excuse #555!

Newsflash Yvonne: This month is a short one – check the calendar to remember your posting date.  (And so, date checked – it’s today and my turn to post ) It’s very late in afternoon – but post I will nonetheless.  I didn’t have anything planned in concrete yet and so in order to expedite the blog – I shall post what was…

I was on Twitter earlier this month and found out February is Women in Horror Month.  Well, that’s right up my alley and I started posting about it.

Right up my alley – but….

You should see the scenes cut OUT of my books!  For various reasons but usually because of the graphic nature – and not the romance kind.  You get to read the cleaned up – shiny versions. 🙂

I made myself a magazine cover! From Scratch.  And…

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Are There Football Games in Heaven?

And why wouldn’t football be watched Heaven? I’ve heard there were Angels in the outfield and when Kevin Costner built it, they came.  *snicker*

I do wonder though – do they watch it knowing in advance who was going to win?  

Or do they just kick it and watch for the entertainment value with whatever snack they loved in this life – but without calories – I’m sure there aren’t any calories in Heaven. Or indigestion.

Hey, it’s my version.

Many of you know I’m a huge Hawks fan. It was hard not to be when my wife had lived in the area for her entire life. Then add my very best friend who also grew up there and the air was thick with loyalty and  instant adrenaline. Bremerton knew how to throw a football party!

But  – I digress.  (and you knew that  would happen…)

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A Contest that Gives and Gives… Oh, and Gives!


Head on over to Jae’s website for an awesome contest! Solve crosswords and win books. The great thing is that this runs all year long! How freaking cool is that? AND (yay!) Some of my books are going to be up for you to win. Spread the word – there are a HUGE amount of authors involved this year. So, what are you waiting for? Go now. Come play!

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Hall of Fame *NanoWriMo and the ADD Author*

Re-posted from the *Hall of Fame *

OR – Dayamn I wish I had that energy again!

Here’s the skinny: I’d been cruising the internet and saw a link to my series of blog posts written during the crazy a** Nano month. It made me laugh and that’s when I decided to start the Hall of Fame. Why mess with something good, right? Ha-ha! No, seriously. With no further chit chat – and a commentary to nod at the present whenever possible – here we go into the Hall of Fame. Though originally written on Day 11 of the NaNo – today is officially Day 13 – so I’m late, hush.

NaNoWriMo and the ADD Author

Well, it’s Day 11 in the National Novel Writing Month journey. The frantic “Write 50,000 words in 30 days” challenge. Last time I wrote about plugging into the collective energy so to speak – and aspiring writers and authors around the world are sitting in front of their keyboards, tablets, laptops, and notebooks – in a creative frenzy to answer the challenge.


I see only one problem with this, and it’s a Universal Law: What goes up – must come down.

Down, down, down.

I’m at that point when I’m asking myself why the hell I thought I should do this again. It’s kind of like childbirth, if you remembered how much it hurt, you’d never, ever – do it again.

Because that would be crazy, right?

I was riding high, writing in a frenzy, pulling ahead of the daily par, and entering my word count faithfully – up to five times a day. (Hey, I’m obsessive like that.) I also write things I’ve already done on a list so I can cross them off and feel accomplished. 

That’s just me.

Anyway, here comes the hard part.

Staying plugged in.

For me, writing is very emotional. I dive right into my character’s heads while ripping out experiences from my soul. It’s exhausting for me. I can write a scene that lays me flat for the rest of the day – Jello-brained.

But I can’t let that stop me, oh no. I peel myself off the couch and do it again the next day.

Hell, let’s be honest here. My back hurts, my butt is asleep, and I have a wife whom I love very much (and get to see very little.) We have different schedules. Any experienced NaNo’er will tell you, having a life during this month is hard. I’m obsessed on the word count. My mind races constantly in order to keep up with it. I’m trying to structure a novel that’s worth reading, juggling wifely duties, and at this point, it seems that everything else in the world is in cahoots to distract me from my goal.

Mostly me.

This last week, I was sitting in my recliner, and my mind would not shut off. My muse was agitated and screaming at me to draw. I have made a couple of gifts over the last few years to give to members of my family, but it was art I’d already done. Not any new stuff.

Macy, the muse, (named such because it rhymes with-racy :)) revved her engines – then screeched out of “writing” gear, burning rubber before popping into “artist” mode.


“No!” I tell her. “I have a word count to keep. I must keep you focused.” (Hey, I tried.)

Macy loves to argue with me, and she usually wins, but that’s because I like to keep her happy, she sticks around that way. Anyone who has ever spent any time in front of a blank page knows the deal. I don’t even want to tell you what I’ve had to bribe her with in the past.

We go into the office, and then begin the near-futile search for drawing supplies. If you saw my office – where everything in the rest of the house comes to die – you would totally understand my dilemma. Not only have we made a cross country trip move from Washington to Alabama, we also moved from Alabama to Texas. Before each trip, I tried to organize, and each trip, I gave away more of my personal belongings – including craft supplies. Space over function, that’s what they tell me – but everyone knows that she who dies with the most craft supplies – wins.

I had reluctantly gave up my place in that contest and parted with my paints, pencils, watercolors, art books, tubs of various paper, and other assorted stuff which took up at least four purple tubs. At this point, I can’t find my existing work either.

While I’m in the closet with my head down and my ass in the air, I realize – man, I have to clean this stuff out. Clothes start flying out, shoes, boxes, and… OH LOOK what I found! I forgot I had this pretty, glass-antiquey thing hiding in here. What was I thinking? This needs to go in the living room where I can appreciate it!


I step over the clothes, around the boxes, and took it into the kitchen to clean it up. I put said thingy on the counter – but wait – there’s the dinner dishes. I have to wash those first because the shiny thing is too big to fit in the sink. I need a dishtowel, but there’s none in the drawer. I have to go into the garage and see if I even put them in the dryer, or forgot them (again) in the washer – at which point, I have to wash them again.


I was talking about the NaNo.

Do you SEE how easy it is to distract the ADD author?

I’ll get to my point.

The big difference between last year and this – is that I have author buddies now. They are priceless to me as they help keep me sane.

On paper anyway.

There’s a whole to be said about camaraderie.

This month, we have writing blitzes on FB wherein we race to see who can make the word count for the day. It helps keeps us accountable, and give (or take) encouragement as it’s needed.

I’m also crazy lucky to have Jove Belle in my life, because she totally rocks. If I’m off and running on a tangent (who me?) she brings me back to earth (kinda) and helps me redirect my focus. She’s also a great brainstorming partner.

And what’s with the people who say they’ve finished already? Really? What is their secret? They must be far more disciplined than I. The thought of writing over ten thousand words a day – gives me an instant headache and would leave me in an emotionally wrecked puddle on the floor.

Anyway, back to the point – which I’ve totally forgotten.

Oh yes, word count – and surviving the NaNo.

Hell with it, my mind went blank and I’m flying by the seat of my pants – again.

Damn it, Macy has run off. If you see her, don’t let her in. She’s been known to be a little dangerous at times, has a little sadistic streak, and a tendency to take you places you really don’t want to go.

Trust me on this.

Send her home.

TODAY: November 13th, 2019 – Unfortunately – I dropped out of NaNo this year. I have lots of excuses but no real justification other than I’m still like a gnat on crack and it’s been hectic and difficult. I could keep going but why ruin the fun of the NaNo high? 🙂

Hall of Fame Repost *NOVEMBER 11, 2013*

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