Tales From the Other Side – Shelia Powell

Women and Words

Last week, I had the pleasure of introducing my friend, Shelia Powell. Not only did she answer interesting questions and tell us funny stories – this week, she sent two more! How cool is that?

If you missed it – here is the original interview!

I was so touched by the amazing outpouring of love and validation for her gifts in the comment section and on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Contest winner will be announced below. Thank you to everyone who visited our blog and entered! Here are her links again.
Shelia’s Website
Shelia’s Facebook.

Me: Shelia – Please tell us another funny story!

“I was getting dressed for a gallery one evening and I walked into the bedroom to make sure that I looked okay. I looked at myself from all angles when suddenly I heard a deep male voice ask, “What the hell? You…

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