DAY 1 of the 12-day Holiday Hootenanny, 2013

Day ONE of the Hootenanny! Over at Women & Words where I’m a regular (figuratively, anyway) contributor!

Women and Words

Hootenanny.Day1Hey, kids!

‘Twas the night of the Hootenanny and all through the back
the elves were all dancing and digging through Santa’s pack
looking for the books that they’d sure give away
to all who join in for the next twelve days

the elves, they were ready to bring all good cheer
and they mixed all their sugarplums in with their beer
then fired up the cider and put up the tree
for the giant massive giveaway…the HOOT-UH-NAN-EEEEEEEEE!

OMG! Here it is! The Holiday Hootenanny at Women and Words!

HOLY CANNOLI, people. We have a giant cornucopia o’ authors and publishers joining us for the next TWELVE DAYS in our giant extravaganza o’ holiday cheer n’ book giveaways!

So let’s get into this, with our first day of fun. All of us here are SO excited to do this. MANY, MANY THANKS to all the authors and publishers who donated…

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