Women and Words

Well, for ME it’s a flashback, for some of you, it might be a history lesson! 🙂

In order to show how my mind works, here’s the sequence of events which led to writing this blog…coffee cup

Friday morning, I was watching some “filler” shows from my DVR list. Filler shows (for me) are 30 minutes long, and don’t require much thought. They are a bit of fluff I can watch while drinking my first cup of coffee. The one I picked was Celebrity Home Raiders. I found it accidentally after watching Under the Gunn, a spin-off of Project Runway.

ANYway, on this particular episode, David Cassidy was donating memorabilia – where after an auction – the proceeds go to his favorite charity.

During the process, the host (who couldn’t possibly remember the hey-day that belonged to David Cassidy) and a professional auctioneer go through his house. She…

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