Ghost Search Leap Year 2016

Women and Words

It’s leap year!


Sorry, I couldn’t resist that picture 🙂

Here is a link to interesting facts about leap  year. I’ve combed the internet and found most of the information is repetitive. Now, just because I didn’t know most of it – doesn’t mean YOU don’t. Then again – I live my life in a self-imposed bubble!

So in the interest of boredom (yours) I’m going to off in a Vonnie-land direction.

What interest me?  Ghosts and Everything Paranormal.

What ghosts are famous on Leap year?

I took it step by step and searched Google.

The first thing I found was a Korean movie – called, appropriately (and exact google match) The Curse of Febuary 29th. 

I want something a little closer to home.

The Call of Duty game – has been rumored to be leaked to the public on Today’s date.

Mmm. No quite what I’m looking for…


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